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Truthfully, this isn’t always an clean answer, as heroes will excel in unique regions because of their specilizations.someone is probably horrible at protecting your settlement, however they’ll be a remarkable choice in terms of locating sure resources. It is not clear how long testing is gonna last, but we already know new heroes are at least 25% stronger than the previous generation due to attack/defence bonus increased to 490% (t4 have 390%).

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The capital can be challenged every two weeks.

State of survival best heroes for capital clash. The defensive team (sarge, rusty, and ghost) these three heroes are quite weak on their own. Is one of the major activities. However when it comes to gameplay, we all share the same mechanics.

The big guys will win the capital clash but there are good rewards for just participating. Tips for which heroes to use for different activities, such as attacking, rallying, defense, gathering, influencer trap, infected horde. And that will give him 3 talent points.

I haven’t found someone, who has actually tested the new possible hero mixes since the gen 7 release. Best heroes for gathering resources in state of survival. The goal for an alliance is to hold the capital for 8 consecutive hours.

The best heroes for gathering are: Some of the best hero compositions in state of survival include: State of survival best hero tips.

The event can last up to 12 hours total and the winner is the alliance that occupies the capital for either 6 hours straight or for the longest amount of time after the 12 hours. Different player, different gameplay, different strategy. The capital timer ends at 13 utc and this is the only time you can attack or rally.

In this guide, we aim to elaborate a little bit on the hero system in this game, as well as to share our picks for best heroes. But in this case, the developers have provided us with the obvious choice. If none of the alliances are able to hold the capital for 8 consecutive hours.

Out of sudden, developers have released 3 new t5 heroes in december 2020. The capital clash will follow the standard rules during capital clash. Guns, knives, any weapon she could get her hands on….

Make sure your hospital is empty at the start and be prepared to heal lots of troops. One of the most important part of this game and to efficiently utilize your pvp game play is simply by understanding your battle reports as well as studying your opponents. State of survival best heroes:

8,850,000 experience points will be required to reach the maximum level. Whenever miho tanaka wasn’t working in her uncle’s restaurant, she was busy training. Based on the experience you've gained, your commander will move up the levels.

Most events will require attacking other players to some extend like capital clash, reservoir raid, and facility fight just a few to name.if you have been playing the game for awhile, you might have noticed troop formation will have a big impact on the outcome of any battle. Nevertheless, as there are many heroes to unlock in state of survival, there are also some that, undoubtedly, are better than others, in general, at least when it comes to the explorer trail. Best character in state of survival.

Gathering aspect⇓ the four best heroes for gathering the resources on the map are rusty, mike, ghost, and chef. Event is shortened from 24 hours to 12 hours. Specialists at blocking the enemy’s path and whittling down their health with sheer endurance.

State of survival / by adrian foo / 2021/04/23. These four characters possess the bonus effects that increase the gathering speed. State of survival is a heavily pvp focused game.

5 best heroes for joining rallies. However the duration is shortened. These are the complete list of answers for oasis guess for state of survival & walking dead event.

If you’re gambling state of survival you will be curious who the best heroes are. March time in attacking the fungal mob is not. So a few weeks ago gen 7 heroes have been released in our state (cardini, magnus, grimm).

You can attack the capital or the towers. Last updated on august 12th, 2021 at 11:03 am. As long as keep enough space in the hospital you can keep attacking.

They are available for testing in state 1 to 39. Every two weeks on saturday the capital clash event is activated. For you to challenge the capital, you need reach 100% progress before the capital timer opening is finished.

For example, to reach level 20 he will need 13,300 experience points. Best heroes in state of survival for each activity 1. Let’s not waste any time and head to the state of survival best heroes guide!

Solo or as a rally. Capital clash happens every two weeks at 10:00 utc on a saturday and usually falls on the same week with kill event (capital is a good place to get all your kill event points) being inside the capital or in one of the 4 surrounding towers, acts like a. This is a 24 hour event which allows all players in a state to compete for the capital, a building at the center of the state.

But i still see the old hero formations being used for defense in cc / svs / bunker fights.

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