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And then i saw my brest friend. I used both and today i’m going to let you know which i think is the best in this head to head review post.

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I had a boppy with my 1st, but it didn't support my back the way mbf's does.

My best friend pillow vs boppy. You should go to babies r'us and ask if you could try each one out. It’s much firmer than the boppy and has a flat shape so baby’s head won’t roll forward or back while feeding. Mbf's makes it sooo much easier to sit up in bed and nurse or on the couch.

1.0.3 my brest friend is made from 100% cotton. Personally, i have preferred the boppy significantly more than the my brest friend. Another nursing pillow style that is almost as popular as boppy is the form factor you get with my brest friend pillow.

The my brest friend seems better for newborns, where the boppy works well for older infants and has more versatility. 1.0.1 my brest friend offers back support. Answers from fresno on april 05, 2008.

What it means is that you can put it on, buckle it, and it will stay put around your waist for as long as you like. My brest friend vs boppy The lactation nurses told her to get the my brest friend.

Fit + ease of use. The two you hear about most often are the boppy nursing pillow and the my brest friend nursing pillow. I have to say my best friend nursing pillow all the way!

However, it is firm by design and is meant to fit the mother as not just a comfortable pillow to rest on, but an actual working prop that allows your baby to get the best latch possible and ultimately drain the breast for the best feeding possible. If you're pregnant or newly nursing, chances are you've encountered breastfeeding pillows. No matter what pillow you ultimately breastfeed with, you’re going to want the boppy as a place to sit the baby.

It is a rather stiff product. The boppy is more versatile. It can also be used as a baby lounger, tummy time support, and sitting support for baby.

A nursing pillow is a must have in the early days of breastfeeding. Since i had reese 20 months ago (i know, i can’t believe it either!) there has been some great innovation in the nursing pillow world, and i thought it might be helpful to review some of the newcomers and what they have to offer. It just has a way better support for mom and for baby too!

What’s the best pillow for breastfeeding? It's a trick question, because here's the answer: If i had not gotten the pillow, i would have probably quit bf.

The true winner for me is two nursing pillows! And you can adjust it. With my first baby, this was the only nursing support pillow that i'd tried and i loved it (and still do).

It is simply a u shaped pillow that hugs you around your waist and supports your baby to make nursing more comfortable for you and him or her. On the boppy you will need to hold the baby in position. I orginally had the boppy, but my bestfriend gave birth two weeks before me and realized it didn't work well for nursing.

So my suggestion is, get the boppy. I loved my brest friend, and it was really sturdy. The top and bottom of the pillow ‘curve’ in comparison to the my breast friend.

The shape of the pillow may not look as comfortable as the boppy. The boppy nursing pillow (affiliate) is a donut shaped pillow designed to fit around a nursing mama’s body to aid in positioning a baby to the breast. I had issues with breast feeding when i first had my baby.

The debate between these two types of pillows has raged on in recent years. The boppy is extremely comfortable and magnificently versatile. I love my brest friend and even though breast feeding is much easier for me now, i still love using mbf.

I bought a boppy when i was still pregnant b/c i liked that the baby could enjoy it for propping. The point of any breastfeeding pillow is to make breastfeeding an infant. 1.0.5 my brest friend has a strap to hold it in place.

And if you're wondering what they are, which to get, and whether they're worth it, read on. As a breast feeding pillow, not a fan. I used my brest friend (mbf) with tessa and i’ve used the boppy with caden.

The boppy wasn't a complete waste though. The boppy may also be used to prop your baby up after feedings, support your baby throughout floor play, and help your baby learn to sit up. 1.0.2 the boppy is easier to put on.

The boppy is one in a sea of many, and you can find hundreds of nursing pillows with varying shapes, sizes, and form factors. The top pillow is flat.the baby will not roll toward you or away from you like the boppy. This option includes a strap around the back for a secure fit, extra cushioning for lumbar support.

1 the main differences between my brest friend vs boppy pillows. For my first two babies, i dragged or threw the. Overall, i think choosing between the boppy and my brest friend is a personal decision.

If you feel you want more support that stays in place, buy my brest friend. My brest friend snaps around you which secures the pillow. Boppy feeding and infant support pillow.

1.0.4 the boppy fits a variety of different sized women. It’s not a soft pillow, but it’s not overly firm, either.

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