How To Fill Def Fluid Duramax


Fluid is added via a pump nozzle or plastic def container available at most locations selling automotive products. Wondering how to fill your tank, when you need to do so and where you can find the.

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At this point, add up to 13 l (3.5 gal).

How to fill def fluid duramax. The dealer checked and it was due to a bad def heater. Diesel exhaust fluid (def) has a shelf life of 2 years. The vans have the def fill at the fuel tank because there was no other possible location without a major redesign of the floor pan.

I fill mostly from bulk. What happens to my truck if i run out of def? And there is more issues with that location, like ford has.

When using the cc&a def 3.78 l (1 gal) 19286291 (88862660 (canada) or 9.46 l (2.5 gal) 19286292 (88863524 (canada) fluid with the nozzle properly installed, when fluid reaches the top of the fill pipe, stop filling. I usually stop within 100 miles and add 5 gallons. Now it's saying action required, fill def tank or speed will be limited to 65.

The solution is injected in the stream of hot exhaust gases and is carried to the scr catalyst, where it chemically reacts with its surface material and nox. This jives with the mileage i've been getting, but 2 is a good number for estimating.) when it works harder and uses more fuel, it will use more def as well. Nitrogen oxide that gets emitted from diesel vehicles is broken down into the elements of nitrogen and oxygen that are found in the air.

Plus its just as fresh or fresher then the jugs from parts stores & dealers. The prestone command def can work in conjunction with other def or adblue as well. Buy in bottles and the price skyrockets.

Use the def from the def pumps at truck stops. Def is less toxic than many other fluids in a truck, including diesel fuel, engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and windshield washing fluid. The gm def filler neck is not magnetized and will need a special tool to.

Stop at the first burp. I filled the def tank and the low def message won't clear. However, this can be reduced if the fluid is exposed to direct sunlight or above 30°c (86°f) for sustained periods.

Discussion starter · #7 · mar 23, 2016. All def is the same, actually it is very tightly controlled. Conveniently, the diesel exhaust fluid ( def ) tank holds gallons of fluid and is accessed through the fuel door, not the interior, as in some of the european competition.

(gm docs published when when def first put into use suggested about 1.75%,. This chemical is designed to reduce vehicle emissions by combining with exhaust gases after they have left the engine, which means that, over time, your def tank will start to run low. I have a 2012 duramax, and when my service exhaust fluid message came on, i actually had enough def in my tank.

Top 7 best def fluid for duramax Best place for def prices is to buy it at a pump where the trucks by there's. Def breaks down nox to h 2 o (water), co 2 (carbon dioxide) and n 2 (nitrogen).

Because of so much griping, it looks like the fill will be near the fuel location for 2020. It is put in a separate tank and it runs through the selective catalytic reduction (scr) system. First with dash warnings of “exhaust fluid quality poor see owners manual now”.

I use to add when id get the 1st warning. Since my duramax was less than 6 months old it began to have problems. At least i would have filled some fluid into the tank before going to the dealer, just in case.

The def fill location for the duramax equipped chevy silverado and gmc sierra is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment against the firewall. The average def tank holds five gallons of fluid, so you would need about seven def tank fills per year (one every 7.5 weeks). The chevy mechanics at the time didn't really understand the whole def system and had my truck for more than a week.

Def is to be added to your vehicle as and when the need arises. I'm traveling and it's the weekend. This occurred with the def tank 3/4 full with new factory chevy def.

My 2019 gmc sierra 2500hd denali duramax is using 7 gallons of def every 1500 miles, there are 15000+ miles on the truck now. It comprises 32.5% urea (the rest is water) which is a safe amount. I don't get a 30% or a 1000 mile notification, it goes straight to action required, add def now, 500 miles left and it starts counting down.

6.6l uses 'about' 2 gallons of def per 100 gallons of fuel. When filling the def tank, there may be a short delay before detecting the increased level of fluid and updating the driver information center (dic). Do not add more than 13 l (3.5 gal) of def.

The def systems have been notorious for problems.

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