Best Time To See Whales In Antarctica


It’s also a time when fewer people are traveling to antarctica, so you will not see many other ships during your time here. The brief summer season runs from november through to march, and this is the best time to visit antarctica and the only time to visit!

Immerse yourself in the wildlife of Antarctica.

Seeing whales in antarctica is a real treat.

Best time to see whales in antarctica. Learn more about antarctica wildlife in our antarctica overview section. This is the debut of the season in antarctica, which means that the dry landing sites appear more pristine, the pack ice starts to break up and melt, and you’ll. There’s less sea ice during those months which means it’s easier to see whales surfacing.

In march the season begins to wind down, and you'll see fewer and fewer ships in antarctica as the month progresses. At the end of the season it’s easier to get. “i really like antarctica in march, as you see a lot of whales, the water is clearer for diving and you get leopard seals hunting penguins.

The best time to visit antarctica on an expedition cruise is between late october and late march — indeed, this is the only time when such travel is possible. Due to strong demand and the relatively modest number of ships. The best time to visit antarctica is during the antarctic summer, from november to march.

Daylight tends to be long and sunrises and sunsets splatter pink and purple hues as twilight flickers on and off amidst the mountainous backdrop. The stark contrast between the antarctic winter (when the continent is shrouded in darkness, an abundance of sea ice and very little wildlife. February and march are the best months to see whales in antarctica.

By this point it's too late to see penguin chicks and temperatures are getting colder, though it's a still great time to spot whales, and fur seals are abundant on the antarctic peninsula. Yet, the decision to visit antarctica will depend upon what you want to witness there, including but not limited to icescapes, whales, chicks, penguins, and the mating season. Late summer in antarctica, february and early march, is the best time to spot whales.

These are the summer months in the southern hemisphere, with temperatures in antarctica ranging from 39°f to 46°f. Whale numbers are at their peak, and more importantly for visitors to the area, this is when they are at their most curious. Even the summertime is spread over six months.

There are also fewer boats around. The wildlife and scenery is breathtaking whichever month. Please read our seasonal guide for more information.

The best time to visit antarctica depends on what you are expecting of your travel. The behaviour change in these months comes from their seasonal feeding pattern. It’s the best time to visit antarctica for predictable whale watching, penguin chick activity ashore, and the shorter days lend themselves to excellent sunrises and sunsets punctuated by those whale tails.

However, you are likely to see fewer penguins as many will have already returned out to sea. Best time to go whale watching in antarctica. If arriving by ship, keep your eyes peeled while you’re cruising to see if you can spot some.

February to early march is the best time to see whales and a good number of fur seals. So if you like whale watching, this is your month. Penguins, seals and birds are everywhere, and you may even spy a penguin chick hatching!

Weather wise, temperatures are beginning to drop as the season starts to change. By march, the chicks are quite large, and they start to fledge. Is your priority watching huges icebergs?

But there is less to see in the way of wildlife. Late january to early march is the best time to see whales such as orcas, minkes, sperms and humpbacks. It’s important to book early to secure your place on the expedition voyage of your choice, as many fill fast and have limited availability.

At the start and end of the season, you’ll need to endure rough seas, but you’ll have the chance to see enormous icebergs. The best time of the year to see whales in antarctica is late summer (february & march). Follow this guide and you will be able to choose the best season to visit antarctica in your next unforgettable adventure travel.

It’s also a great time to go if you want to go across the antarctic circle; But within this travel window, your experience can vary from month to month. The best time to travel to antarctica will depend on what it is you want to experience in the white continent, with wildlife highlights and the overall expedition feel changing dramatically over the course of the cruising season.

February is the best time to see whales in antarctica. Watching the alpine glow between the peaks of the gerlache strait in antarctica triggers a feeling of complete awe. Best time to visit antarctica.

All the wildlife is active at this time of year, so seals and whales are also expected to be nearby. The best time to travel to antarctica is during the antarctic summer from november to march, when you'll see antarctica's wildlife at its busiest and benefit from up to 24 hours of daylight. When to go to antarctica by season.

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