Best Time Of Day To Catch Catfish In Texas


It depends on where you’re fishing and what species you’re after. You just need to locate the catfish on whichever body of water you are fishing.

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The slowest time of day for catfish.

Best time of day to catch catfish in texas. Especially between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. At the end of the day, the best time to go fishing is anytime you can! Tawakoni is without a doubt a box fish lake where two anglers fishing for only a few hours can catch enough channel catfish to feed a large party.

Night fishing pros vs cons. During this time, catfish will feed more simply because they will cover more ground and find more food. One time i even watched a 1 ½ pound channel catfish leap completely out of the water to try to catch a dragon fly.

But depending on how you like to go fishing for catfish, and what you’re comfortable doing, it could be easier to fish at night when you may be more likely to catch catfish in shallower waters. Always use fresh baits as this can catch dozens of large blues daily. Blue catfish eat almost anything, but the best catfish bait for this fish is a fresh shad or skipjack.

The best time of day to catch catfish in rivers is when the carp are in shallow cover for feeding at night and early morning. The best time of day to catch catfish, in my opinion, is from dusk until 2 hours after dusk and 2 hours before dawn until sunrise. Here in texas on the trinity river i run alligator gar trips all year long, you have more surface activity in the summer but the hookup ratio and the bites are better in early spring and early to late fall before water temps drop out the bottom as far.

The locating the flathead catfish part can be a bit tricky but it doesn’t need to be. It’s still 100 % doable to catch monster flathead catfish during the day. These are not hard and fast rules, but you will find the most active and hungry catfish consistently biting in these windows.

We catch big blue catfish all year long but fall and winter are without a doubt the best times of the year for hooking up with a monster blue catfish on rod and reel. I had lots of luck catching flatheads there. Texas is blessed with some of the best catfish waters in the country.

Another stereotype about catfish is that you have to catch them at night. Best time to catch catfish. The “true” best time to catch catfish is….

When you’re on the trinity, find some deep holes and water cause you might end up fighting. The best time to actually catch catfish is late at night or early in the morning. In addition to fall being a great time for catching numbers of blue catfish this is the time that trophy blue catfish fishing begins to really pick up on north texas.

From renowned catfish hotspots such as texoma, cedar creek and tawakoni in the northern part of the state to choke canyon and amistad way down south, whiskerfish aficionados don't have far to travel to get their line stretched. Here's my opinion on when and where the best gar fishing is. Catfish usually go to deeper waters and dig themselves into the mud during those hours.

I’ve found over the years that no matter how many hours i spend on the water and how much i learn there’s always more to learn and always something that surprises me. Best catfish baits for blue catfish. These are not hard and fast rules, but you will find the most active and hungry catfish consistently biting in these windows.

The next best place to fish for catfish in texas for me was the trinity river. Shad can be hooked whole, or you may cut them into small chunks. Additionally, if you would like to find more details regarding catfish activity throughout the year in your home waters specifically, consider searching through your local conservations department’s.

Get some large bluegills or perch and you can catch them all day. Flatheads are the most nocturnal. Realistically, there is no best time of day to go catfish fishing.

Flatheads in the boat there. #5 · nov 13, 2013. We go fishing right before the sun goes down around 9:00 pm and we fish until around 5:00 am.

Catfish feed all day long but seem to move most around sunrise and sunset. The best time to catch a catfish depends on the season and the same goes for the slowest time of day. Most people do go catfishing after dark but that doesn’t mean you can’t land monsters during the day.

Still, for the absolute best times to fish for catfish, the odds are more in your favor during evening hours. The cooler temperatures during the night seem to cause the fish to be much more aggressive and willing to strike. On several occasions, i’ve caught them on spoons and spinners while casting for white bass.

Catfish can be caught any time of day. Best time of day to catch catfish. While it seems as though catfish will bite at all times throughout the day, you will usually have better luck during the nighttime hours.

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