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Obviously the deck spins its wheels a ton, with a lot of “air” like opt and radical idea. You could make an abzan mill deck with anafenza, the foremost as the commander (due to colors + her exiling ability) running for example:

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To get this mfer started, you mill yourself with tracker's instinct, deranged assistant, and armored skaab.then you drop more s**t into your grave in the form of dawntreader elk, and wasteland viper.that mfer's got bloodrush (worst mechanic in standard after scavenge) too.

Best self mill cards mtg. Easily splashable, and can hit huge amounts of cards if played at the right time, or with certain com. Self mill is only mill. Best new mtg cards in modern horizons 2.

Ghost quarter plus 4 archive traps will mill out a whole deck if it’s 60 cards. Folio of fancies is an amazing mill card two. Then, simply say, “turn.” jeremy gill (author) from louisiana on december 02, 2019:

It works great with dread return. You can ramp hard, have a low curve or go straight down the middle. Other low mana cost (and low money cost) ones include tome scour, thought scour, dream twist, and paranoid delusions.

Guy who likes milling on december 15, 2019: Also helps with removing those pesky eldrazi titans that will make normal mill impossible. Tristan on february 26, 2020:

This theme is based on cards that put cards from the top of your library to your graveyard. Before jumping into that, i want to spend a few words on my pro tour preparation: This time i was part of team day1mtg with captain ben friedman at.

Some other ones that people have not mentioned: Whenever sidisi enters the battlefield or attacks, its controller puts the top three cards of their library into the graveyard. Sidisi is probably my favorite deck i have because it started out as complete jank.

Milling yourself for fun and profit. That also means that there are going to be a lot of cards in the set that you should probably keep an eye on and try and pick up. Super cheap, huge guaranteed mill count.

Glimpse the unthinkable is exactly what you're looking for, but it costs $15. I think all the self mill win cons i use have been mentioned, but for combat damage you can't go wrong with craterhoof behemoth. Bro mind grind is the best mill card in my opinion.

As an added twist, you could run cards that exile cards from libraries as an alternate form of mill. Top commanders (9) top commanders. The central concept of this deck is to dump a bunch of phoenixes into the graveyard, perhaps hitting some narcomoebas and crippling chills as we do, and then chain together cheap spells in order to keep bringing back hasty 3/2s until we’ve got ’em dead.

Phantom carriage six mana for a 4/4 creature with flying is solid. There are actually way more than ten good cards in modern horizons 2, but we’re just going to pick out the very best ones. Helm of obedience + leyline of the void as well.

You can go very agro, you can go near creatureless, you can have a self mill or discard theme, a reanimate theme, a mana denial theme or a hand attack theme. You can do a bit of everything or nothing at all just playing the best cards in the slot. Updated oct 24, 2018 by gavinjoaquinolivas using our mtg deck builder.

Pro tour m15 was the first event with the new cards and there was plenty of room for innovation, in fact today we will focus on archetype that really passed under the radar:

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