Best Ribbon Mic For Guitar Amp


Of course, it will perform great for strings and horns as well. This makes them the best microphones for recording guitar if you want a mic to place in front of loud tube amps, which need volume to unlock their true harmonic potential.

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Hi all, i'm getting curious about using something like a ribbon mic to record an electric guitar amp.

Best ribbon mic for guitar amp. The neumann u87 is a true classic condenser mic and one of the best known and widely used mics in the world. On the other hand, condenser mics are active microphones and hence require an external supply of power. The beyerdynamic m160 is unique for a double ribbon mic, in that it has a hypercardioid pickup pattern, not figure 8.

Overall, i would say that this is the best mic for guitar amps under $500. 10 of the best guitar amp microphones. This mic shootout compares the sm57 to other popular guitar amp mics.

Akg pro c414 xlii vocal condenser microphone, multipattern (most versatile) sennheiser md 421 ii cardioid dynamic mic. Mxl r144 ribbon mic with shockmount* fewer ribbon microphones are as perfect as the mxl r144 mic with a shock mount for guitar and all sorts of brass instruments. Slightly darker in tone, the fat head is a good alternative to the sm57 for guitar amps and drums.

The one other ribbon mic in particular that has been used on countless recordings over many decades is the beyerdynamic m160. Being listed in the top 10 of amazon’s ribbon mic category, there are a few reasons as to why customers have been ranking this mic up so high in the scale. If you’re looking for a budget option which isn’t flimsy and still gives a good quality recording then you can buy an akg p170 for a brilliantly affordable price, well under $100.

A list of the 7 best ribbon mics including: This mic, designed by the legendary david royer, is in no small part the mic that started the modern ribbon mic revival. The sennheiser md 421 ii dynamic microphone is a terrific guitar amp mic.

And it’s no wonder — with a very natural yet warm sound, it’s a great choice for guitar amps. This appropriately named ribbon mic gives a fat sound too. “shutting a door will destroy your ribbon mic.”.

The ribbon usually gets the bottom, beefy tones, thick in the. When i track electric guitars, i typically combine a ribbon mic with something like a sennheiser 421 or shure sm57. The m160 is a legendary ribbon mic used in countless records, radio broadcasts, and audio productions since its introduction in 1952.

I have used this mic on acoustic guitar, vocals and electric guitar, and as a drum room mic, and it has never failed to impress, even if it hasn't always been the most suitable choice. Check here for the current price at amazon of the akg p170. Any recommendations for around $400?

Sennheiser e906 supercardioid dynamic mic for guitar amps. Tip 1 ' combo time. Beyerdynamic’s microphone is the perfect companion for anyone that is looking for a trusty, guitar amp mic.

The shure sm57 is one of the most widely used mics for guitar amps, but some other favorites include sennheiser’s e609 silver, e906, and md 421 ii; Moreover, it also performs amazingly well when used for vocals and compliments the horns while cutting the vast midrange of the guitar amp. If you are plugging dynamic or ribbon microphones to a guitar amp, you should be fine because they are passive microphones and do not need any additional external power.

The m160 excels when recording guitar amps and when used as drum overheads. Other mics can be blended too. Anybody using something like a ribbon on an amp?

The royer didn't sound bad on anything (i have also used this for drum rooms and in front of kicks, where it served well), but is best suited to guitar amps. I'm looking for something warm and vintage like without the mid range honk of something like an sm57. It is best to plug the active microphone in first and then engage phantom.

We could talk for days about choosing microphones for different applications — if you have a choice, practically any dynamic microphone is a good place to start when miking a guitar amp. What most people eventually discover is that most ribbon mics in general sound great as well.

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