Best Fixed Blade Broadheads For Mule Deer


Best fixed blade broadheads for deer the benefits of using a fixed blade broadhead is that they’re more reliable and more durable. The 1 1/16 cutting diameter main blade found in our v, s, buff, and x series broadheads minimizes wind effects and maximizes big game penetration, so you can hit your mark and bring home more than a story.

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I have been bowhunting for 50 years and have killed a lot of deer with all kinds of fixed heads.

Best fixed blade broadheads for mule deer. Nap spitfire broadhead is designed in patented 3d shape which gives a superior flight toward deer and penetrates well on sturdy bones. With this in mind we gathered a number of today’s hottest heads and put them through the wringer in true outdoor life fashion. The best new broadheads of the year.

This type of broadhead is tried and true and, really, what started it all. These fixed blades are preferred when you are looking to take down an elk. Let’s throw quartering shots into the mix.

Even the arrowheads of the past were essentially fixed blade heads. The most important thing to me is a sharp blade and maximum penetration. Magnus is around that price as well.

The magnum is a standard 4 blade head with a 1 1/8″ cutting diameter. No moving parts or adjustment screws. Innovative outdoorsman sells guides for sharpening replaceable blade broadheads using sandpaper.

Blade locking system could maybe be better cutting diameter: No worrying about if the broadhead will fail and not open. I am not really a fan of mechanicals, although i shot my bull last year with grim reaper fixed/mech combo head.

I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for a decent fixed blade broadhead. They don’t rely on any moving parts, they’re better at bullying their way through bones, and they can kill more critters without repair. Blown thru countless whitetail, 6 muleys and 4 elk, using various fixed blade broadheads.

Uses of fixed blade broadheads. The best broadheads for elk hunting are fixed, at least 1¼ inches in diameter and as heavy as an archer feels comfortable with. Tip design and blade angle are the top two in my opinion.

But the drawbacks are that you’ll get smaller cuts and worse flight. Got a pass thru at 35 yds with 450gr arrow setup. The new montec m3 is made with 420 stainless steel, making it.

Hunters have been hunting with fixed blade broadheads since the dawn of bowhunting. If the manufacturer doesn’t say which aluminum is being used, it is probably 6061. If you want to get a better broadhead, vpa’s are a good option.

If you are planning on hunting big game like bear, moose, mule deer, bison, elk, then you should definitely go for fixed blade. The difference in the wound is obvious, as was the difference in the blood trail. Slick trick magnums and viper tricks are both excellent broadheads for elk.

So, if you are going to consider using a head with aluminum, try to find one made of 7075. When i shot my mule deer spot and stalk in the crop, i misjudged the. 1 1/8″ the g5 striker is one of the most impressive fixed blade broadheads that we tested in 2018.

Shot placement is vital to quickly kill a deer but different broadheads do produce much better, and shorter blood trails. The best aluminum for broadheads is 7075, which is quite a bit stronger than 6061. The elk hunters especially those who are there out west, prefer fixed blade broadheads to mechanical broadheads.

Always use a three bladed broadhead when chasing elk, this will make a three dimensional wound and make it much more difficult for hide or dirt to plug the hole and keep the blood trails visible. So far i have taken my first bull elk, idaho black bear and a really tasty forky mule deer. One such broadhead, is the zeus broadhead, from new era archery.

I like the grim reaper micro hades for an affordable fixed blade. We added the 3/4 bleeder to unzip a wound channel for easy blood tracking. A friend told me about these broadheads and i’m glad he did.

Best fixed blade broadheads for deer hunting g5 striker. We shot 20 new fixed, mechanical, and crossbow heads into targets and through sides of beef to find out which are the sharpest, most accurate, and toughest new. Iron will broadheads are engineered to be extremely sharp and.

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