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After, play disgaea 2 pc, with cheat engine enabled speedhacks. Not sure how well it would hold up today though if you've played the more recent disgea games i honestly didn't enjoy disgaea 2 and 3 nearly as much as disgaea 1.

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The tech has changed along the way where that isn't necessarily a problem.

Best disgaea game to start with. Disgaea kind of pushes it the nth degree. Where to start with the disgaea series. 18 years of disgaea is a lot to unpack.

As others have stated, best in terms of story is subjective, and in terms of gameplay should be pretty straightforward as the disgaea series is one of those rare franchises that truly improves upon itself with each iteration. Fans of the series have not been totally left high and dry as there have been some ports and. Youll get a feel for the vibe and the depth when you start discovering how meta the game gets.

Also a quick mention that the disgaea anime was pretty disappointing so that’s best to be avoided to. About 3 x 4 i think most disgaea fans will agree that disgaea 4 is a better game for a lot of small reasons that doesn't matter explaining if you're new to the series. If you start with 4 it is kind of harder to go back to 1, 2 and 3.

I might just start with the first one then since it's only $6. The games have nothing to do with each other besides disgaea 1 and disgaea d2 and gameplay other than that some characters may show up as cameos that you can fight at post game. Otherwise, start with the first game in the series.

If you absolutely don't care about the story, play the fifth game. Still 4 is a fine place to start playing. This was marked on ign as the best game no one played, the best strategy game, and is included in the top 100 best ps2 games list, ranking it as #48 (higher than twisted metal:

I'd go ahead and get a sale on 5. Lets start with the most obvious title in the series. I've played them all, but it doesnt really matter where you start from.

The series is known for great srpg ( strategy role play game) gameplay with an isometric viewpoint and incredibly. I would say the most important is disgaea 1 though. Especially if people are okay with older srpgs look then the disgaea:

After you complete a playthrough of the main story, which can be handled pretty normally without much grinding at all, you can indulge in. Or even the mobile version on ios and android if possible, i hear it's the best version. Disgaea 3 is still fun but i'd never chose it over either disgaea 4 or d2.

You don't need to play them in order, but several characters from the series appear in each other games. The first title reached eu shores back in 2004 but the first launch of the series was a year prior in japan with disgaea: Hour of darkness on the ps2.

Just dip your tow in disgaea 2 for a bit. Hour of darkness is fine. It's the latest and best disgaea yet.

Beginners and veterans alike can be taken by surprise with disgaea 6 as the game has made a few changes to the formula that the series has relied on for so long. 5's gameplay was lightyears beyond 1 (as an example). Don't let the review scores fool you, d2 is the best one so far.

You will learn how to reroll, who to reroll, etc. Disgaea 1 was the first disgaea i played and absolutely loved it. If youre not sure about it.

I concur with all the others, disgaea 1 complete is the best title to start with, being a faithful and complete version of the original, introducing you to the world of disgaea very well and having arguably one of if not the best tale and cast in the games. Disgaea 6 is the first new game in the disgaea series since disgaea 5 launched on the ps4 in 2015. The game does a good job of tutorializing the first few hours, but it can't hurt to reinforce some of the more important points.

Disgaea pc is coming out in a few days, and it is the perfect game to start the series with. The characters/story seemed bland in comparison to the colorful cast of disgaea 1. Complete arrived on march 25, 2015, for the nintendo switch , playstation 4 , and microsoft windows.

This was marked on ign as the best game no one played, the best strategy game, and is included in the top 100 best ps2 games list, ranking it as #48 (higher than twisted metal: Preferably disgaea 1 complete if you have a console to play it on; For story purposes, start from the first one.

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