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Your fuel filter should generally be changed between 12,000 and 15,000 miles. I think it's important for lml owners to use additives with the highest lubricity increases to help the cp4 live long, most of what i see recommended is optilube and stanodyne.

McGaughys Duramax Diesel Suspension or

Especially lml's and the cp4.

Best diesel fuel additive lml duramax. The respectable torque of the lml carried the duramax for 6 years before the heavy hitting l5p was released. Depending on your engine and driving habits, the archoil diesel treatment can improve mileage by at least 2%, topping at 8%. It is amazing stuff, will clean the heck out of the fuel system, to the point of needing.

Lml's are designed to run on ulsd but since sulpher was one of the main lubricants in diesel fuel the oil companies had to put other lubricants in the fuel to make up for the loss of the sulpher. The lml features a torque rating of 765 lb ft which is a 16 percent increase over the previous lmm model (660 lb ft). You can get 1gal jugs at walmart for $13.

If you are looking for the best diesel fuel additives, look no further. Bad fuel will jack up your injectors and cause your engine to run poorly. Power service diesel kleen + cetane boost.

I run 1oz/gal in my truck. If you live in a cold climate a additive with antigel may be worth be worth it for peace of mind though in general shouldn't be needed. A clean fuel filter is necessary for your duramax engine to get its best performance and mileage.

Hot shot's secret diesel extreme clean and boost. 2011 silverado 3500hd srw lml ccsb ltz. Stanadyne performance formula diesel fuel additive.

This provides a little extra support to the cp4 Top 10 best diesel fuel additives 2020. Even if you don’t have the cp4.2 injection pump on your truck anymore, diesel fuel is still extremely important.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get 30+ mpg with a duramax, these tips could get you close. I see the lml in the top, more info is always helpful for the guys on here. Using an additive essentially puts back the lubricants that were lost with the advent of ulsd.

To touch on what was covered in our duramax history lesson series, let’s run through the ups and a few of the downs associated with each mill. Bosch desired standard is 460 hfrr, u.s. I've been using stanodyne in my lmm, but i'm never sure which formula.

Tested raw fuel (unadditized fuel ) was @ 636. The study was based on the worst case scenario on purchased fuel (like gasoline), where they obtained raw refined fuel (before the branding additive pack is mixed in) for testing. This was a large power increase and was well received among heavy haulers.

Xdp carries all the parts and accessories you need for the best diesel performance. There is no way using this stuff in an lml would cause. If it is dpf equipped (lml that isn't deleted) you have to be careful with additives.

So many options on the diesel additives, it's nuts. When the l5p was released in 2017 it brought. List starts on page 6.

The best diesel fuel additive for those requiring a highly concentrated form of treatment, the archoil provides a variety of benefits that can easily translate to better driving performance. Always use the best diesel fuel. It cost the same as normal diesel and has better lubricity than an additive on the market.

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