Best Chorus Pedals Of All Time


Chorus pedals have been around since the mid 70's however they really started to boom in the 80's. The king of guitar pedals.

ElectroHarmonix Classics Small Clone Analog Chorus Guitar

The electro harmonix small clone is a legendary pedal, that was made popular in the 80’s with a lot of hair metal bands.

Best chorus pedals of all time. At around $30, it performs to a remarkably high standard and produces a detailed range of chorus effect tones. Read this article to the end if you are looking for the best chorus pedal for distortion. Starting from the casing, the pedal has a strong aluminum build that will last you a long time.

But also in jazz and modern pop. Donner’s chorus pedal has what it takes to be the best chorus pedal on the market. The tom’sline ach3s analogue chorus pedal is easily the best chorus pedal your money can buy.

Bass chorus pedals may be just the ticket to add a level of smoothness and sophistication to your tones that you can’t get with your dry signal alone. It does its job providing an excellent analog chorus sound and a build qualitythat you can only find on pedals for double the price of this tiny beast. It was one of the smaller ones, from the series that were all named after some kind of food.

One of the coolest guitar pedals i ever managed to get my hands on was an old danelectro chorus when i was 11 years old. It's simple, looks great, sounds brilliant and costs a. And while i don't remember what i paid for it.

This compact chorus pedals is housed in a classic boss pedal chassis that will stand the test of time and look great on your pedal board. But it really got some attention as being a favorite pedal of kurt cobain, and can be heard on “come as you. What i like about boss is their giant switches and the tank of a chassis they always use.

People always talk about hard to get a bad sound pedals, this would be my personal pick. The best chorus pedal — donner tutti love chorus. The must have guitar pedals of all time for every effect type.

That shimmery, tone thickening effect was all the rage and the chorus pedal was right there making it all happen. So much choice out there and all you want to do is find the chorus pedal that will turn your ‘good’ guitar solo into a mesmerizing lead part. The chorus pedals are one of the most popular in the music worlds and, some might say, essential pedals in the rock genre.

This pedal emulates an analog chorus sound through a. If you're looking to spend a little less, then the tc electronic june 60 v2 takes the number two spot. After all, you want your chorus pedal to let you play and perform at your best!

Probably not the best of all but has many cool tones on tap and you can get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Way back in the 80s for creating a spacey and thickening effect chorus pedals were used. Electro harmonix small clone chorus.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of chorus pedals for you and have brought you the very best choruses for synthesizers. They were a music staple back in the 1980s, but they are still widely applied in most modern rock subgenres , especially in progressive, alternative & indie rock, grunge; One of the most common effects pedals that you’ll come across is the good ‘ol chorus pedal.

Although the pedal name can lead to you to think that this is an analog pedal, it is not. It's fair to say that chorus fell out of favour with guitarists for a while, but there's very good reasons we've decided to compile this guide to the best chorus pedals now.

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