Best Bait For Snook Fishing At Night


You should fish somewhere that there is light, since it stimulates plankton growth. Gables personal best snook at 31″ we have been out many more times since that memorable night.

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In addition to the change in fishing attire, night fishing requires different bait to target the specific fish that are active at night.

Best bait for snook fishing at night. All experienced anglers will tell you that patience is necessary, and this is especially true if you’re fishing for snook at night. And one of the most popular ways to target snook at night is by fishing around dock or bridge lights where snook congregate to pounce on the many baitfish and crustaceans that get attracted to the light. Go to bays, inlets and residential areas.

The best time to fish for snook is at night near dock lights, bridge lights and lighted sea walls with live pin fish, finger mullet or shrimp. Both of these options will give you the need dexterity to casting your lure where the snook are hunting, but with enough power to battle a potentially large fish. You can catch snook on both live and artificial baits.

The best tackle for night fishing for snook. Clear and calm nights are better for night time fishing compared to windy rough seas. We like to use a standard medium/large saltwater spinning setup or a large baitcasting reel and rod.

Snook, like most fish, feed mostly in the 2 hours surrounding dawn and dusk, so this is your best chance to catch them. Best artificial bait for snook if you aren’t allowed to use live bait where you’re fishing for snook or you didn’t have time to buy/catch any, artificial lures can also be a solid option. Snook can be finicky so if you are one of those fishermen that struggles to catch snook, then fish early or late in the day.

Night fishing for snook is really popular, too, and capt. For night fishing, a favorite live bait is ballyhoo as even the most pressured snook find it hard to turn it down. (unless you like to fish at night.) night time snook fishing is awesome.

The most fun you can have inshore Ultimately it depends on the area you are fishing in. Where you should fish at night look for light.

In calm, clear waters, fish will be active once the sun has completely. The hard bait mimics injured herring, pilchards, bunker, and more. Spooks, poppers, frogs, prop baits and anything that makes a disturbance on the surface can work well.

There are several tackle setups that work better when fishing for snook at night. Fishing near the shoreline often produces the best results, and this is also much safer for the fisher. When you’re fishing at night, you should still follow the principles for other kinds of night fishing.

You want to twitch it pause and repeat. The first two hours after sunrise and the last two hours before sunset are the best fishing times for snook. The best lure for night snook fishing is a pink, chartreuse or white flair hawk jig bounced off of the bottom with the current.

While there are always multiple variables, the stronger currents of the new and full moon coupled with an outgoing tide is the paradigm to start with in places like. This might run contrary to popular belief, but some of the best nighttime snook fishing is done near populated cities because the lights attract the fish. However, buzzbaits take the top prize for night fishing.

Topwater of all kinds are great choices for nighttime fishing. The complete guide to night snook fishing. Bring two types of lures with you.

Typically, lightweight subtle lures are the best options when artificial lure fishing for snook at night. That night gabe and i continued fishing until 3:00 am. Its quick erratic movement brings the snook out.

This is a great option for fishing shallow waters. This attracts baitfish and small critters, drawing snook to the area. Jumbo live shrimp and lively pilchards are generally the best natural bait you can use.

Chartreuse is a popular color for snook fishing that tends to work well in most areas. It’s not always necessary to go out super to late to catch snook. You can use artificial lures and fly, as well as live bait.

Artificial bait is more difficult to select because of the popularity of this type of fishing which means that snook have already seen almost every lure made by man multiple times. Any other live bait will work just as well. When you team this reel with a high quality graphite rod you have the perfect combo for snook fishing at night.

Since snook go out to feed at night, this is where their prey normally hangs around. We recommend carrying a few different colors of lure with you. Here are 4 of the best lures to get you that late night lunker!

Moore has an invaluable piece of advice here: He landed another small snook and hooked three baby tarpon that broke off or tossed the fly after jumping. Casting a spinning lure or topwater floating lure can induce some of the strongest snook bites and battles.

Many anglers will tell you that for snook fishing, darker colors tend to work best at night with lighter colors working best during the day. This is predominantly because fish are able to feed closer shore when the seas are rougher, so there’s a less of a need to do so in twilight hours as well. Many fishermen have realized that boat fishing at night is not necessarily the best way to go.

While live bait can catch them in the middle of the day, lure fishing for snook generally is better at night. A high quality spinning reel with smooth drag are essential when night fishing for snook. For fishing lights at night, my absolute favorite live bait is a live ballyhoo… even the most pressured snook most often won’t turn that down.

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