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Going one step farther into the autocross prep will have you getting a custom alignment, the alignment specs from the factory are so wide that you could probably have tires pointing in different directions & still be “in spec”. However, there are times where you may need tires that play better in the rain, or for example, you live in an area with a lot of rain.

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Drivers using these tires want maximum dry grip and will have separate wheels to install at the track.

Best autocross tires miata. Those tires are forum darlings because they're cheap, but they're not actually that good and not actually that fast. Race optimized for competition, autocross or track. Max size that will fit in stock fenders without a fender roll is 235/40/17 using our advanti racing, konig hypergram, and 6ul racing wheels in either 17×8 or 17×9, as long as you have about 1.5 degrees of negative camber or more and a 45mm offset wheel.

If you can’t find something good on the used market, places like [good win. Wear out quick as hell for a daily but perfect if its just autocross. To know the specific handling and wear qualities of.

They’re sturdy and strong, to withstand to stresses of autocross, and they aren’t too pricey. Miata wheel offset causes a lot of confusion. I need something with at least 220 tread life and under $700 for the set.

After a spraying, the bfgoodrich turned the best single skidpad lap we’d ever recorded on a street tire: The nc miata came with outstanding brakes from the factory. The miata isn't the only great autocross car mazda has built.

Here is a simple explanation. Time to replace my tires. Autocross is best enjoyed in warm and dry conditions, so that’s why most tires on this list are specifically made for that kind of usage.

If the rim is 6 inches wide, and the mounting surface of that rim (backside of the bolt holes), is 3 inches from either outside tire bead surface, that rim has a 0 offset. And that, says mazda, means you’ve never really experienced it at all. You don't tell your so what you spend on race tires every year.

The unitbody of the miata nor the exocet is rarely perfectly symmetrical. Tire sizing really sux for 16in wheels. Your miata is using the wrong tires, according to mazda and bridgestone.

· 1y km intrepid silverstone cr125. But the tire immediately reverted to its previous times for the remainder of the three laps. I believe the best tires in the dry racetrack & autocross only category are the hoosier a6, hankook ventus z214 and kumho ecsta v710.

If you haven't yet visited, or are not yet familiar with it, please go there first. Join & read about alignments in the appropriate forum for your model (na, nb, nc or nd) miata. It is a very aggressive application for the street but to be competitive in this class it is the best option.

When many news outlets fawned over mazda’s restoration program for the first. By naregm677 » sun apr 13, 2014 7:13 am. After turning the car around, the best times were clocked at 27 psi, though the best subjective feel for the rear tires came at 25 psi.

There is a wealth of information and it will be very helpful to be familiar with its offerings before becoming involved in the forum. You can run the 255/40r17 tires front and rear for the best handling. The first group is made up of dedicated track tires that are dot approved, but are never intended for street use.

A honda crx driver took top honors, but andrew canak drove a 1991 miata to second place. Now sto or str is another story. Minor acceelerated tire wear is ok. also has a brief intro for new users. The wheel is only 19.2 lbs and it comes in black, carbon gray and bright silver. I drive aggressively on the roads and go to track events once every three months.

Listed below are some of the top high performance street tires being used in the scca solo street tire classes (sts, stx, stu, str and so on). Dual duty occasional autocross or hpde, mostly street and highway driving. (shameless plug, but i have a set of matte black 15x9s)

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