Best 60 Degree Wedge For High Handicappers


Aesthetically the smart sole wedge will take some getting used to as it does not look like a traditional wedge. It is necessary to ensure that the right wedges are in your bag for 2021.


A wedge can make a missing green an easy par, or it can become a threefold bogey.

Best 60 degree wedge for high handicappers. Of course, i don’t try a flop shot on the course. Wedges for high handicappers conclusion: Xe1 sand wedge & lob wedge

Having spoken to wedge legends roger cleveland and bob vokey, i can tell you both are. Truly speaking, a lob wedge can greatly improve your short game if you know the ways to choose and use it properly. However, as with the entire line of taylormade clubs, their price point is a little higher than other similar clubs and sometimes more than what a typical beginning golfer may want to spend.

1.1 callaway golf mack daddy 5 jaws. When i think 60 degree wedge, the first thing my mind goes to is phil mickelson and his incredible ability to hit flop shots in sticky situations. Is a 60 degree wedge hard to hit?

In our opinion, the best wedge for high handicappers and beginners is a sand wedge. The 60 degree wedge is often called lob wedge.this is because lob wedge have a loft between 60 to 64 degrees.with lob wedge you get the ball high and will drop on the green with little or no roll. Let’s see some of the mid handicappers‘ best wedges in 2021.

The lob wedge is used by golfers who find it difficult to launch the ball higher in the air. Best wedges for high handicappers 2020 read more » best 60 degree wedges in 2020: Not all golfers need the high end, high tech products on the market.

So there you have it, our list of the best wedges for high handicappers in 2021; The best wedge to improve your game. It also works well in very soft conditions.

The other obvious change would be replacing the lob wedge with a gap or sand wedge between 52 and 56 degrees. This great confidence booster lob wedge comes with better control around the. The rtx wedges are the best budget wedges for mid handicappers in 2021.

Golf can be a pretty expensive game, especially for those who only recently started playing. The best wedges for high handicappers. Five clubs that are guaranteed to help take your short game to the next level.

Wilson harmonized perfectly fills this need. That’s why we bring you the top choices in this 60 degree wedge review: · the 60 degree wedge can be a great addition to your game and golf bag.

The lob wedge at 60° to 64° loft is perfect for hitting it over bunkers around the green, short bunker shots and within 80 or 90 yards. 1 comment / golf clubs, wedges / by brandon. The correct wedge on the golf course will make or ruin your day.

My pitching wedge is 46 degree and my sand wedge is 52, so i figured this would give me the best gapping. The cleveland smart sole wedges are considered to be one of the best wedges for a high handicapper or beginner hat is struggling with the short game. 1.4 cleveland golf 2018 men’s cbx wedge.

Pack of 3 wedges (52,56,60) alloy steel; A variety of wedges should be considered, including the pitching wedge, lob wedge, sand wedge and gap (between pitching and lob) wedges. Having said that is is also used by some of the world’s best players.

Choosing the best 60 degree wedge for your golf bag can be an overwhelming decision. 1.5 callaway golf men’s chrome mack daddy 4 steel wedge flex hand. Having the correct 60 degree wedge in your golf bag is a huge confidence booster when it comes to shot making and capability around the greens.

Pinemeadow pre 3 pack wedges. Although this is a blad style wedge, it comes with some great forgiveness. If your bunkers have really fluffy sand or you dig and aren’t the best from bunkers this is a great option.

Table of contents [ hide] 1 best 60 degree wedges review. The 60 degree wedge has saved many tournament wins and ruined some others. Should a high handicapper use a 60 degree wedge?

The finish options, combined with the incredible feel and spin, make these an excellent choice for a wide range of players.

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